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    2600PSI, 2.2GPM Annovi Reverberi Direct Drive Pump (Front Mount)
    SKU:  SRMW2.2G26-EZ
    Brand:  Annovi Reverberi - AR North America

    This Annovi Reverberi / AR North America SRMW2.2G26-EZ, SRMW 22G26-EZ, SRMW 2.2G26-EZ series plunger pump will pump up to 2.2 GPM at 2,600 PSI. Vertical Radial-Axial series replacement pump (Mounts under the engine). The hollow shafted pump includes a built-in pressure control valve, easy start, thermal valve and chemical injection system

    • Axial Cam Pump with Easy Start is smooth starting and maintenance free
    Free thermal valve included with pump
    Note: Thermal valves no longer come with the black diverter cap. The factory has deemed them unnecessary for vertically mounted pumps
    • Check the HOLE in the ARM location relative to the inlet/outlet Port (2nd Picture)
    • This pump is Front Mounted (see 3rd picture)
    • NOTE: This Pump DOES NOT fit Karcher units using a hex head bolt to drive the pump.

    • Vertical Mount with Gas Flange 3-6 HP
    • Note: This pump is Front Mounted
    • Max. Volume: 2.2 GPM
    • Max. Discharge Pressure: 2,600 PSI
    • Max. Pump Speed: 3,400 RPM
    • Shaft Diameter: 7/8” Hollow
    • Built In unloader and chemical injector
    • Built In easy start valve
    • Maximum Horsepower Requirements: 5.2 GHP
    • Inlet Port: 3/4" FGH (garden hose)
    • Outlet Port: 22mm (Twist Connect)
    • Aluminum manifold and valve plugs
    • Stainless steel plungers
    • Pump comes with oil
    • See optional items below
    • Note: Engine shafts longer that 2” will require spacers or washers
    • Weight: 5.1 lb.



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    3/16" x 1-3/4" Straight Key, 3/4" & 7/8" Solid Shaft Engines

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