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Auto Bella Lightweight Aluminum Foam Canon W/Adjustable Fan (Free Shipping)

SKU: 14.5006

Auto Bella 14.5006 Lightweight Aluminum Foam Canon with Adjustable Fan and 32oz Bottle. This newly designed featherweight foam cannon is made of military grade aluminum and comes with a 1/4" quick connect plug


Shipped FREE Via USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the lower 48 states (except Alaska & Hawaii)


• It permits you a supply of thick foam to remove the toughest dirt and best of all, it weighs less than one pound!
• You can choose from three different possible adjustments to obtain three different foam concentrations: wide open regulator if you want to increase the foam density to a completely closed regulator for less foam density
• Adjustable Fan Blades (jet-wide)
• Includes: 1/4" quick connect plug, tube, and bottle
• This Auto Bella/IDROBASE Foam Cannon is imported by MTM Hydro

Product’s Use:
• A pressure washer with a minimum of 1.4 GPM flow and 1,100 PSI is required for the product to operate properly

• Flow Rate: 1.4 – 2.4 GPM
• Pressure Rating: 1,100 - 2,600 PSI
• Max. Temp.: 140°
• Inlet: 1/4” Female
• Comes with 1/4” QC Plug
• Weight: 0.90 lbs.


Price: $44.99