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Picture of 16 oz Red Devil Fuel Conditioner & Soot Remover

16 oz Red Devil Fuel Conditioner & Soot Remover

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Only $9.80

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Product Description

• Eliminates Soot Build-Up. Easy to use - just add to burner fuel
• Keeps burner at top efficiency
• Emulsifies & removes water from fuel tank
• 16 oz metal can.


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#5.5 x 15º QC Spray Nozzle (Yellow)

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• 15º Quick Connect AR North America Spray Nozzle
• Nozzle Size: 5.5
• YELLOW color coded nozzle protector
• All nozzles tested for accuracy and spray patterns at time of manufacturing
• Triangle design allows for easy spray angle orientation
• Improved cap design for easy grip
• Super hard body reduces plug wear
• Special QC body for smooth insertion and ejection
• Hardened Stainless Steel
• 5,000 PSI max. pressure
• 1/4" QC plug inlet
• Weight: 0.05 lbs

Please use Nozzle Chart to determine proper nozzle size

Nozzle Chart

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4 lbs ScaleMaster Coil Cleaner

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4 lbs ScaleMaster Coil Cleaner - Descaler for water heating coils

• Powdered Coil Cleaner
• Removes mineral and scale build-up in heating coils
• Restores heating coils back to peak performance

• Mix ScaleMaster per instructions
• Circulate thru coil for up to 2 to 3 hours to remove lime and scale build-up
• Can be metered into water supply tank at 1/4 to 1/3 oz. per gallon
• Weight: 4.1 Lbs

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Panel Mount Probe Style Thermostat OFF - 250º


AR North America GTL 3040 Series adjustable thermostat with panel mount controls. The GTL remote probe thermostat is a capillary tube thermostat. It relies on expansion of a viscous liquid to open or close a switch. Essentially a capillary tube thermostat consists of a sensing bulb and tube with an extremely small internal diameter partially filled with a special compound. The capillary tube thermostat may be mounted some distance from the sensing bulb

• Temp Range: Off - 250º F
• Ratings: UL & CE
• Amps: 20
• Volts: 250
• Capillary: Copper
• Capillary Length: 70”
• Bulb: Copper
• Tube Fitting: 1/2” Male NPT
• Probe Length: 2.64”
• Max. Pressure: 4,000 PSI
• Weight: 0.35 Lb

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#2.5 x 15º 1/4" MPT Spray Nozzle

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• 15º MPT Style Threaded Nozzle
• Nozzle Size: 2.5
• Hardened Stainless Steel
• 5,000 PSI max. pressure
• 1/4" Male NPT inlet
• Weight: 0.05 lbs

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