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Picture of AR Blue Clean Pipe Jet SL with 20' Sewer Hose & Nozzle

AR Blue Clean Pipe Jet SL with 20' Sewer Hose & Nozzle

SKU: PW3084250

Brand: Annovi Reverberi - AR North America

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AR Blue Clean Pipe Jet SL with 20' Sewer Hose & Nozzle. Problems with blocked pipes and drains

• The AR Blue Clean pipe jet kit clears blockages without the need for chemicals.
• The hose and couplings are designed to have a small outside diameter that allows the hose and nozzle to fit through sewer lines and pipes.
• The high pressure hose is made of a quality braided hose that is kink resistant and easily attaches to your pressure washer.
• The tough poly-ether cover over a ultra-flexible nylon tube ensures for a long life of clearing blockages from your pipes and drains.
• Includes a sewer nozzle on the hose assembly.


• 20 Feet of sewer jetter hose
• Sewer jetting nozzle
• Weight: 1.2 lbs lbs

Note: Only works with AR Blue Clean models AR112, AR114, AR116, AR118, AR141, AR142, AR142P, AR240, AR260, AR383, AR388 and AR527


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Mecline AL50SW Trigger Gun with Swivel Inlet. The AL50SW heavy-duty spray gun offers consistent quality and performance.

• Italian technology built in
• Inlet swivel keeps hoses from kinking and binding
• Designed for heavy duty use
• Automatic trigger shutoff and trigger lock
• Stainless steel and brass internals
• Buna-N and Teflon(R) seals

• Max Pressure: 5,075 PSI
• Max Flow: 12.0 GPM
• Max Temp: 320° F.
• Inlet: 3/8" Female NPT
• Outlet: 1/4" Female NPT
• Weight: 22.1 oz.

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CLEANSTREAM 4,000 PSI 3/8" x 100' Black Non-Marring Hose

SKU: 489400012

Schieffer CLEANSTREAM™ 4,000 PSI 3/8" x 100' Black Non-Marring Pressure Washer Hose. Wire braided pressure washer hose has not changed much in more than 50 years. Now, Schieffer introduces a solution for the future with multiple advantages for the most demanding high performance, all weather applications.

• Light weight
• Highly flexible
• True non-marking, abrasion and chemical resistant
• Easy to clean
• Matte finish, feels like rubber

Every foot of Schieffer CLEANSTREAM™ is manufactured at our ISO9001:2008 certified factory in the USA using 100% domestically sourced materials

Hose Construction
• Inner Tube: Water and chemical resistant polyester and polyurethane
• Reinforcement: One layer of high tensile steel braid
• Cover: Matte finish TPU provides a lower coefficient of friction
• Laminated: Bonded construction for long life

Unmatched Abrasion, Ozone, UV And Chemical Resistance
The proprietary high performance of the CLEANSTREAM™ cover is at least 5 times more abrasion resistant than equivalent rubber hose and also eliminates cracking caused by exposure to ultraviolet light (U.V.) ozone and chemical exposure, a common weakness for standard rubber hoses

Highly flexible materials result in a dynamic bend radius for CLEANSTREAM™ equivalent or better than wire braided rubber hoses, especially in cold weather

Light Weight
Efficient material usage reduces overall weight up to 30% less than equivalent hoses and allows for efficient use of engineered polymers

Flow Through
Super smooth inner tube is designed for less pressure loss for increased performance and efficiency at the nozzle

Kink And Cut Through Resistance
High tensile strength steel wire braiding assures cut through and kink resistance just like standard rubber hoses and much better than textile yarn reinforced hose such as SAE100R7

• Hose: 3/8” ID x100’ Long
• Working Pressure: 4,000 PSI
• Burst Pressure: 12,000 PSI
• Color: Black
• Max. Water Temperature: 140° F.
• Ends: 3/8" Male NPT (1 solid & 1 swivel)
• Black bend restrictors on both ends
• Weight 17.25 lbs

Price: $78.94

AR Blue Clean Rotopower Pro Turbo Nozzle with Lance, AR240, AR260, AR383, AR388 and AR527

SKU: PW50976

AR Blue Clean Rotopower Pro Turbo Nozzle with Lance, AR240, AR260, AR383, AR388 and AR527. Rotating nozzles use centrifugal force to produce a strong impact and a spray pattern. The nozzle rotates a powerful, zero degree spray pattern in a circular motion to break down tough dirt and grime. By spinning the discharge water, the spray adds additional scrubbing ability to the cleaning process. With a rotating nozzle, you can clean the following types of applications; rust removal, metal or plastic tank cleaning, paint and graffiti removal, wall paint stripping, washing concrete, eliminating gum from sidewalks, boat cleaning, asbestos abatement, cleaning dirty garage floors and removing mud and clay from highway and construction equipment. The spray pattern will cover area of 4 to 8 inches wide, depending on a distance between the wand and the surface being cleaned

• Turns ordinary pressure into powerful scrubbing power using a jet stream of rotating water
• It rotates at high speeds to increase both the intensity and cleaning area of the spray.
• Increase pressure washers cleaning efficiency.
• Be sure to check out our line of environmentally friendly detergents designed to help solve all of your cleaning needs

• Quickly attaches to spray gun
• 16” Overall length
• Weight: 0.50 lbs

Note: Only works with AR Blue Clean models AR240, AR260, AR383, AR388 and AR527

Price: $13.56

AR Blue Clean Spray Gun, AR240, AR260, AR383, AR388 and AR527

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AR Blue Clean Trigger gun with safety lock (PW50968)

• Spray gun designed with an easy pull trigger and offers consistent quality and performance
• Weight: 1.05 lbs

Note: Only works with AR Blue Clean models AR240, AR260, AR383, AR388 and AR527

Price: $9.45