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Picture of Delavan Turbo 90 PTO-Driven Turbine Pump with Face Seal

Delavan Turbo 90 PTO-Driven Turbine Pump with Face Seal

SKU: 26556-11

Brand: Delavan Ag Pumps, Inc.

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Delavan 26556-11 Turbo 90 PTO-Driven Turbine Pump with Face Seal. PTO-Driven High Capacity T-90 Turbine Pumps for Smooth Operation and Maximum Agitation. Delivering dependable operation and long pump life for applications including high-volume liquid transfer, handling fluid containing suspended materials, and high-volume spraying

• The Turbo™ 90 is designed to operate directly from a 1,000 RPM PTO shaft without attachments.
• Peak performance at slower rotation means longer life of the seals.
• The Turbo 90 can pump suspended materials without accumulation unlike a conventional turbine pump. This is possible because of Pressure Relief Passages from the seal cavities to the inlet port. The suspension circulates, and therefore is cleaned from the inner cavities.
• It can be used for large quantity liquid transfer, from truck to tanks, for instance. It is well suited to high volume sprayer pumping applications
• The impeller is made of low moisture absorption, corrosion-resist, engineering grade thermoplastic. It has been designed to increase pump life and smooth operation because of less rotation weight.
• Face seals designed for severe service (such as abrasives). Face seals feature hard, wear-resistant phenolic rings pressing against ceramic seats
• Bearings are isolated by drain cavities.
• 1-1/2” inlet and outlet ports permit unrestricted high volume flow.
• Because of the high capacity of the T- 90, sufficient bypass flow is available to maintain maximum agitation.
• Shaft is made of stainless steel and has a 15/16” diameter with 1/4” keyway

• Pump Type: Turbine
• Seals: Face seal
• Max Recommended Pressure: 100 PSIG
• Max Recommended Temperature: 120° F
• Max Recommended PTO Speed: 1,250 RPM
• Shaft Diameter: 15⁄16“ with 1⁄4“ keyway
• Inlet/Outlet Ports: 1-1⁄2“ NPT (female)
• Weight: 25.35 lbs

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