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Picture of High Limit Switch 1/2" MPT, 176º F, Silver

High Limit Switch 1/2" MPT, 176º F, Silver

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Brand: HP Components

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A High Temperature Limit Switch is used on hot water pressure washers to prevent excessive water temperature. The switch is a bi-metallic, non-adjustable thermostat. When the bi-metallic sensor expands and bends, it breaks an electrical circuit when the water reaches a pre-set temperature. When the switch cools, the metal contracts and the circuit is again completed.

• Mounts in high pressure line senses overheating
• Responds by opening a n/c switch
• 110 Volt, 25 AMP
• Can be used on 12 Volt units
• Open Temp.: 176º F
• Size: 1/2" MPT
• Probe Color: Silver


This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/food.

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• Made in Italy with high quality components

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Piranha® 1/4" x 100' Sewer Jetter Hose 4,000 PSI Green (MxM)


Piranha® LLGR Series 1/4” x 100’ sewer jetter hose assembly with MxM fittings. Piranha® LLGR series hose is used in applications for commercial, industrial and residential sewer cleaning

• Inner Tube: Yellow seamless thermoplastic
• Reinforcement: High tensile double synthetic fiber braids
• Cover: Abrasion resistant polyether-urethane

• Materials: Constructed to provide rugged and reliable service under the most severe and demanding conditions
• Yellow Color Tube: Assures the user that they are using a WASTEC designated Piranha® Hose Product
• Seamless Thermoplastic Tube: Provides maximum resistance to hydrolysis
• High Tensile Double Synthetic Fiber Braids: Contributes to low volumetric expansion and eliminates loss of strength from moisture absorption
• Abrasion Resistant Polyether-Urethane: Polyurethane cover provides exceptional cut, abrasion and fungus resistance
• Pressure Testing: All Piranha® factory-assembled hoses are 100% pressure tested

• Service Temp. Range: -40º F to +160º F
• Hose ID: 1/4”
• Assembled Length: 100’
• Male NPT Fittings: 1/4 - 18
• Color: Green
• Max. Working Pressure: 4,000 PSI
• Weight: 6.85 lbs.

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