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Picture of AR Blue Clean Foamer Kit with 34oz Bottle & Blue Clean Fittings

AR Blue Clean Foamer Kit with 34oz Bottle & Blue Clean Fittings

SKU: 5940BC

Brand: Annovi Reverberi - AR North America

Only $36.52

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Cover your vehicle in a blizzard of foam quickly with the AR Blue Clean 5940BC Foamer Kit! This foam lance works with all AR Blue Clean electric pressure washers to produce a thick, clinging foam. Give your vehicle a "touch-free" wash with this high powered foam gun. The AR Foamer Kit will blow you away!


• Shoots over 20 feet of dense foam
• Works with all AR Blue Clean pressure washers
• Adjustment knob allows for variable chemical dilution
• Variable spray pattern, from pencil tip to fan jet
• Allows cleaning agents or disinfectants to be applied evenly over a large surface
• Chemicals do not go thru the pump
• Wet foam allows more efficient use of chemical

• Max. Flow Rate: 2.8 GPM
• Max. Pressure: 4,000 PSI
• Max. Temp.: 140°
• Nozzle Size: #3.5 / 1.25mm
• Bottle: 34oz
• Inlet: 1/4” FPT
• Fittings: AR Blue Clean bayonet, 1/4” QC Plug & 22mm-14 male twist connect
• Teflon Tape: 1 Roll
• UPC Code: 700686311772
• Weight: 1.60 lbs.


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AR Blue Clean 25' Pressure Washer Extension Hose

SKU: PW909101K

AR Blue Clean 25' Pressure Washer Extension Hose. Easily add another 25' of high pressure hose to your existing pressure washer hose

• Fits Most AR Blue Clean pressure washer except for AR114, AR390SS, AR610, AR620, AR630, AR630-H, AR767 and Speedy Wash
• This extension hose connects to pressure washer and female twist connect on pressure washer hose - Does not connect to spray gun
• Lightweight and kink resistant construction
• Thermo plastic cover
• 3,000 PSI working pressure
• Color: Black
• 1/4” ID x 25' long
• Ends: (1) 22mm-15 Male twist connect, (1) 22mm-15 Female twist connect
• Weight: 2.0 lbs


Price: $18.71

AR Blue Clean Underbody Lance Kit

SKU: PW40811

AR Blue Clean Underbody Lance Kit. Hard to reach areas are a problem no more with the AR Blue Clean Underbody Lance kit.

• Our underbody lance easily attaches to the end of your pressure washers spray gun and increases your cleaning reach by over a foot
• It's the perfect accessory for cleaning the underside of autos, wheel wells and even gutters.
• Be sure to check out our line of environmentally friendly detergents designed to help solve all of your cleaning needs.

• Quickly attaches to spray gun
• 15” Lance extension
• Angled spray nozzle
• Weight: 0.35 lbs

Note: Only works with AR Blue Clean models AR112, AR114, AR116, AR118, AR141, AR142, AR142P, AR240, AR260, AR383 and AR388

Price: $18.95

AR Blue Clean 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2.1GPM, 115V, TSS, High Temp


AR Blue Clean AR630-TSS-HOT High Temperature Industrial electric pressure washer with Total Stop System. Factory Installed Hot kit seals and o-rings capable of inlet temp. up to 180º. This pressure cleaner is fitted with AR renowned Triplex Pump with ceramic plungers and double packing industrial seals. Powerful induction motor, gun-wand assembly, thermal protector, pressure adjustment knob, total stop and adjustable detergent suction. A product of Annovi Reverberi S.p.A., Italy, the largest privately owned company of Triplex Plunger Pumps in the world

• Total Stop System - power to the washer is controlled by the trigger gun
• Hot kit seals and o-rings capable of inlet temp. up to 180º - Factory installed option
• Induction motor, can produce 6 times the life of a universal motor
• Forged brass pump head for durability
• Large knob for easy pressure adjustment
• Automatic safety valve with low pressure by-pass
• Split lance for fast sudsing and power cleaning
• Adjustable detergent injection with low pressure soap
• Thermal switch shuts off when temperature rises too high
• It is designed to be compact and very portable
• Built in handle allows for easy movement between jobs
• A safety lock prevents the trigger from accidentally engaging when not in use
• It is equipped with GFCI to shut down power supply in the event of electrical ground failure.

• Max. Working Pressure: 1,500 PSI
• Max. Volume: 2.1 GPM
• Total Stop System
• 2.0 HP Induction Motor
• 115 Volts, 19 Amps
• Max Temperature: 140° F (Note: Hot temp kit raises to 180º)
• AR Triplex pump with ceramic plungers, connecting rod system
• Adjustable pressure unloader
• Adjustable detergent suction in low pressure
• 3’ Chemical pick up hose with filter
• Motor thermal protector
• High pressure gun with split lance
• 25’ Pressure washer hose
• High/low pressure adjustable spray head
• Garden hose adapter, filter
• GFCI protected power cord
• Weight 62 Lbs.
• Can be used with AR-CART shown below
• Ships via UPS

Price: $654.36

AR Blue Clean 10" Deck, Patio & Flat Surface Cleaner

SKU: PW40829

AR Blue Clean 10" Deck, Patio & Flat Surface Cleaner. Save time, water and energy on your next cleaning project. Ideal accessory for cleaning patios, decks and driveways

• With the AR Blue Clean 10” Deck, Patio & Flat Surface Cleaner, you can clean up to 60-80% faster than just using a standard wand
• It quickly attaches to the spray gun and includes a 15" extension lance for easy use.
• Specifically designed to keep water from splashing onto siding and walls, and a nylon brush skirt prevents overspray.

• Rotating blade with 2 nozzles spinning at high RPM for fast cleaning action
• 15” Extension lance
• Nylon brush skirt
• Replaces AR40780
• Weight: 1.55 lbs

Note: Only works with AR Blue Clean models AR112, AR114, AR116, AR118, AR141, AR142, AR142P, AR240, AR260, AR383 and AR388

Price: $18.95