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Picture of VHP51 Adjustable Unloader 8,000 PSI

VHP51 Adjustable Unloader 8,000 PSI

SKU: 4072000122

Brand: Mecline

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Mecline VHP51 Unloader Valve 8,000 PSI. With working pressures up to 7,250 PSI and flows up to 26.4 GPM, the VHP51 can continuously handle water up to 160° F (up to 194° F for short periods)

• Positioning of all o-rings before the threads, giving greater mechanical strength
• Ease of maintenance: the whole regulating unit can be totally removed from on top
• The locking ring nut has a set screw for a safer pressure setting
• A nickel-plated brass body, granting greater resistance to corrosion and overall wear
• All internal parts in stainless steel, including the outlet fitting and piston cylinder
• Internal safety lock to avoid overpressure
• Suitable for wall mount

• Rated Pressure: 7,250 PSI
• Permissible Pressure: 8,000 PSI
• Rated Temperature: 194° F
• Rated Flow Rate: 26.4 GPM
• Material: Chemically nickel-plated brass body. Internal parts in Stainless steel including fittings
• Inlet Port: 1/2" F
• Outlet Port: 1/2” F
• Bypass Port: 1/2”
• Replaces VHP50-500
• Weight: 40.57 Oz


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Mecline 15° High Pressure Threaded Spray Nozzle with Ceramic Orifice and 1/4” Male NPT

• Ceramic inserts provide up to 10 times the wear life of stainless steel inserts
• Ceramic insert is resistant to wear
• The ceramic insert guarantees a more precise and stronger stream
• Stainless Steel AISI303 body

• Flat fan jet angle: 15°
• Nozzle Size: 4.0
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VRT3 Adjustable Unloader 4,500 PSI (Black)

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Newly introduced Mecline VRT3 Unloader is an updated version of the Arrow Line VRT unloader with a stronger valve body with less porosity. The pressure adjustment handle was redesigned for easier operation at all pressure levels.

New Design Features:
• Interior Design – more efficient flow and operation
• Dual Locking Nuts – vibration resistant for setting maximum pressures
• New Spring Material – more resistant to fatigue, powder paint resists rusting
• Piston – large diameter, more strength and contact area for shifting alignment
• Discharge Nipple – sealing o-ring has been moved to the lower part of the thread, increases hydro strength and fitting strength
• Shutter Valve – hex design, less contact area for smooth shifting (prevents binding). larger size, longer life and more positive shifting

• Over sized handle – easier adjustment
• Forged valve body – excellent strength
• Two inlet ports
• Two by-pass ports
• Ultra thick inlet and discharge ports - added strength
• Color coded springs and caps – easy valve identification
• All ports are FNPT

• Spring Color: Black:
• Replaces AL607 & AL607X
• Maximum Pressure: 4,495 PSI
• Max. Volume: 8.0 GPM
• Adjustable pressure
• Brass valve body
• Max. Fluid Temp.: 194° F.
• Inlet Ports (2): 3/8" FNPT
• Discharge Ports (1): 3/8” FNPT
• Bypass Ports (2): 3/8” FNPT
• Weight: 29.6 oz

Price: $39.75