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Picture of Suttner ST-76 Foam Blaster Nozzle, 3625 PSI, # 8.0 x 3, 1/2" F

Suttner ST-76 Foam Blaster Nozzle, 3625 PSI, # 8.0 x 3, 1/2" F

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Brand: Suttner America

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Suttner ST-76 Foam Blaster Head 3,625 PSI with #8.0 x 3 Air Injector Nozzles and 1/2" F Inlet. The foamblaster ST-76 is designed for applications in agriculture, industry, municipal cleaning and fire fighting technology. Designed for high volume applications

• The foam blaster ST-76 is made out of a premium combination of stainless steel and plastic
• Starting with an inlet pressure of only 435 PSI the foam blaster ST-76 is able to foam mixtures of water and foam agents with a flow of 5.3 - 15.8 GPM and without the addition of compressed air
• By means of exchangeable air injector nozzles it is possible to adapt the foam blaster ST-76 to the requirements such as water quantity and inlet pressure in an optimal way
• Stainless steel injector nozzle
• Wider spray angle
• For applications 6 GPM or higher
• Throws foam 40 feet
• Cover large areas

ST-76 with ST-160 Chemical Injector on YouTube

• Air Injector Nozzles (3) Size: 8.0
• Max Pressure: 3,625 PSI
• Flow Rate: 5.3 – 15.8 GPM
• Max Temp: 212° F.
• Inlet: 1/2" Female
Note: Suttner ST-160, ST-160M or St-164 Chemical or Foam injector required and is not included
• Weight: 1.15 lb


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