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Picture of Suttner Dosing Nozzle Kit (Set of 10)

Suttner Dosing Nozzle Kit (Set of 10)

SKU: 200163340

Brand: Suttner America


Product Description

Suttner Metering / Dosing Nozzle Kit. For injectors without Metering Valves to control chemical draw (set of 10)

• ST-160 Injector. ST-167 and ST-168 Bypass injectors come with 9 dosing nozzle inserts. ST-164 & ST-166 Injectors come with 18 dosing nozzle inserts.
• The dosing nozzle inserts are used to control the chemical draw
• The chart in picture above shows dosing nozzle size {opening} and the percentage of draw when the chemical used has the same viscosity as water
• Replaces 200163335

This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/food.

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Suttner St-007 18” Nickel Chrome Plated Steel 6,000 PSI Lance with Molded Grip. Suitable when using corrosive chemical. Suttner’s most popular lances for cold or hot water applications

• High Quality, German engineered components
• Comfort technology designed molded grip conforms to the curvature of the hand, allowing to comfortably change positions and work longer hours
• Linear aeration provides continuous air flow between hand and exclusive Suttner "star-shaped" grip
• Grip is directly molded on to lance providing protection and strength
• Threads are rolled on providing consistent sealing and four times the strength than cut threads

• Length: 18"
• Pipe Material: Nickel chrome plated steel
• Grip: 15.5" Molded "star-shaped"
• Inlet: 1/4” MNPT
• Outlet: 1/4” MNPT
• Maximum Pressure: 6,000 PSI
• Max. Temp.: 300° F
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Suttner Injector Check Valve With O-Ring M14M x HT9mm
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Suttner Nozzle Holder for 1/4" Lance, Holds 4 QC Nozzles

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Suttner Nozzle Holder for 1/4" Lance. Holds 4 of your most commonly used 1/4" Quick Connect nozzles for quick and easy access

• Easy access to nozzles
• Slides over 1/4” lance
• Holder made of soft durable polymer

• Hold four 1/4” quick connect nozzles
• Max Temp: 140° F.
Note: Nozzles and lance are not included
• Weight: 0.10 lb


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Suttner ST-457 #9.0 (Green) Turbo Nozzle 6,000 PSI

SKU: 200457590

Suttner ST-457 Turbo / Rotating #9.0 Nozzle is rated for up to 6,000 PSI. The increased tearing action of the rotating spray is ideal for hard surface applications, such as concrete graffiti cleaning or caked mud on heavy equipment

• Increases cleaning efficiency as much as 200%
• The 0° rotation creates a cleaning and tearing action
• Ideal for hard surfaces
• Improved materials for longer life

• Nozzle Size # 9.0 (Green)
• Max PSI: 6,000
• Max Temp.: 212° F
• Inlet: 1/4" Female NPT
• NOTE: All rotating nozzles should be started pointing downward
• Weight: 1.48 lbs

Please use Nozzle Chart to determine proper nozzle size

Nozzle Chart

  Price: $93.94