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Picture of MTM PF22.2 Professional Foam Cannon W/ Adjustable Air Intake & Fan - New Bottle

MTM PF22.2 Professional Foam Cannon W/ Adjustable Air Intake & Fan - New Bottle

SKU: 14.7022

Brand: MTM Hydro

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Product Description

NEW MTM Hydro 14.7022 PF22.2 Professional Foam Cannon Adjustable Air Intake and Fan with New Bottle Design Stands Up On Its Own. The MTM Hydro Foam Cannon offers not only adjustable fan blades but now offers an adjustable spray pattern (vertically or horizontally) as it throws thick foam onto your vehicle, house, fence, sidewalk, roof or other washable items. The chemical injection knob on top allows for more or less chemical to be drawn through the internal chamber, increasing or decreasing the foam output. This allows the internal agitator to create a dense foam

• Adjustable Spray Pattern (horizontal or vertical)
• Adjustable Fan Blades (jet-wide)
• Adjustable chemical injection knob
• Single cast plated brass body
• New stand up bottle
• Replaceable filter
• M22 and QC plug fittings included
• Approved For auto, RV, marine detailing agriculture and home cleaning

• The 1.1mm (3.0) nozzle will accommodate a variety of pressure washers typically in the lower GPM/PSI spectrum. The 1.1mm orifice will fit most residential pressure washers much more accurately than the installed 1.25mm (3.5) orifice and provide better foam from your MTM Foam Cannon
• The full spectrum of ratings are not supported by the 3.5 or 3.0 orifices included with this kit
• Other orifices may be required for higher flow machines that have lower PSI- Example: 2000 PSI with 3.5 GPM requires a 5.0 Orifice
• For larger orifices, you will know it does not work because you will experience starting and stopping of the foam cannon as your unloader slips in and out of bypass
• You will also get watery foam as the orifice size 3.5 is significantly smaller than the 5.0 needed for your machine
• MTM Foam Cannons will not work with flow sensing unloaders as you will experience the same results listed for an under-sized orifice
• Additional orifice sizes and replacement items available for purchase

• Min. Flow Rate: 1.4 GPM
• Max. Flow Rate: 5.3 GPM
• Min. Pressure: 1,100 PSI
• Max. Pressure: 5,000 PSI
• Max. Temp.: 140°
• Nozzle Size: #3.5 / 1.25mm (Installed), #3.0 / 1.10mm included
• 32oz Grey stand up bottle
• Fitting pack (2-peices) containing a 1/4" M22 adaptor and 1/4" QC Plated Steel Plug
• Packaging: Small Box
• Weight: 2.10 lbs.

This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/food.

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Please use Nozzle Chart to determine proper nozzle size

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Nominal Thread Size (NPT)
Actual I.D. Measurement
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