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Picture of 3/8 ID x 3/8 MPT Steel Reusable Hose End SAE 100R2-AT

3/8 ID x 3/8 MPT Steel Reusable Hose End SAE 100R2-AT

SKU: SRT225-6C

Brand: Fairview USA Inc.


Product Description

Fairview SRT225-6C 3/8 ID x 3/8 MPT Steel Reusable Hose End s for use with S.A.E. 100R2-AT (NON-SKIVE) hose



• Steel Reusable Hose Ends for use with S.A.E. 100R2-AT (NON-SKIVE) hose
• High pressure service in the handling of most hydraulic fluids, gasoline, diesel fuels, lubricating oils and water
• Working Temperature: -40°F to +250°F, -40°C to +121°C
• Working Pressure: Are hose size dependent

This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/food.

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Polypropylene 1/4" HB x 1/4" HB Hose Mender with Center Stop

• Polypropylene fittings are generally acceptable for use at working pressures up to 150 PSI at ambient temperatures
• Polypropylene is resistant to a broad range of chemicals including most agricultural chemicals, acid based fertilizers, ammonium compounds, calcium carbonate, ethanol, hydrochloric acid, magnesium sulfate, oxalic acid, proprionic acid, phosphoric acid and sodium compounds

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Hi Lo Trombone Valve 1/4" FNPT Inlet x (2) 1/4" FNPT Outlets

SKU: 20.0073

MTM Hydro Hi Lo Trombone Valve 1/4" FNPT Inlet x (2) 1/4" FNPT Outlets. Nozzle holder switches between the right and left nozzle ports by pushing or pulling the trombone (knob)

• For use when high and low pressures are needed
• For example, spraying cleaning agents with low pressure through an injector valve and then cleaning with high pressure

• Max Pressure: 4,000 PSI
• Max Flow: 8.0 GPM
• Max Temp: 195° F.
• Inlet: 1/4" Female NPT
• Outlets (2): 1/4" Female NPT
• Weight: 6.1 oz.
Note: Requires one 1/4” MPT spray nozzle and one 1/4” MPT soap nozzle, which are not included

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GP 25º x #2.5 M-Style Spray Nozzle 1/4" NPT-M

SKU: 925025M

General Pump 25° x #2.5 M-Style Spray Nozzle 1/4” NPT-M

• 5,000 PSI operating pressure
Made in the USA
• General Pump High Pressure Spray Tips feature a two piece design
• Inserts are through hardened and pressed into a 303 stainless steel rust-resistant body for improved durability
• The contour control nozzle chamber eliminates the need for flow straighteners
• Resistant to most chemical
• Laser marked for clarity and durability

• Tip Angle: 25°
• Nozzle Size: 2.5
• Operating Pressure: 5,000 PSI
• Connection: 1/4” NPT-M
• BE # 85.225.025
• Weight: 0.05 oz

Please use Nozzle Chart to determine proper nozzle size

Nozzle Chart

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MTM Hydro 3/8" Premium Plated Brass Ball Valve 3,000 PSI

SKU: 20.0032

MTM Hydro 20.0032 3/8" Premium Plated Brass Ball Valve 3,000 PSI. MTM Hydro's High Pressure Plated Brass Ball valves are found in a variety of areas in the pressure washing system

• Most commonly, this round-edged, light weight, heavy duty Italian ball valve is found at the base of the spray gun and used as a temporary shutoff while the pressure washer is on
• By shutting the water off, the user can then change over to another gun set up without turning the entire system off
• This specific series of Italian Ball Valve is a top 5 product of ours every month of the year which goes to show you that tens of thousands of people per year cannot be wrong about their choice of quality
• When installing NPT fittings in these BSP threads, be sure to wrap threads 6-7 times with Teflon tape or 2-3 drops of Loctite

Injector Specifications:
• Max Pressure: 3,000 PSI
• Max Temperature: 176° F
• Inlet: 3/8" Female BSP
• Outlet: 3/8" Female BSP
• Body Material: Plated brass
• Weight: 1.05 lb

  Price: $36.32