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Picture of Fimco Gold Series High-Flo 3.8 GPM 45 PSI 12V Pump

Fimco Gold Series High-Flo 3.8 GPM 45 PSI 12V Pump

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Brand: Fimco Industries

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Product Description

Fimco 5277982 High-Flo Gold Series Pumps with Quick Attach Ports are designed to pump water and aqueous solutions of common pesticides. They are not designed to pump petroleum products or other flammable materials. They are not designed to pump bleach solutions. Use of this pump for petroleum products or bleach solutions will void the warranty. When pumping liquids other than water, the pump should be flushed out with clean water after each use to prolong pump life

High-Flo Gold Series pumps are equipped with a demand switch that reacts to outlet pressure and shuts the pump motor off at a factory set pressure limit of 45 PSI. When the pressure drops below this preset limit the switch allows the pump motor to start again.

High-Flo Gold Series pumps are self-priming. Vertical prime will depend on the viscosity of the liquid and suction line size. Minimum recommended suction line size is 3/8 inch. All hose connections need to be tight or air leakage will break the prime and disrupt water flow. The installation of a 50 mesh strainer is recommended to prevent debris or other foreign material from entering the pump and causing pump failure. The pump should be mounted in a dry and adequately ventilated area. The pump can be mounted horizontally or vertically. If mounted vertically, the pump head should be down and the motor should be up. Your pump will come with adapters which will allow you to hook up to various plumbing configurations

Pump is rated at 3.8 GPM @ open flow. If the discharge plumbing is very restrictive or nozzle tips are undersized, the back pressure will cause the pump to cycle rapidly. This rapid cycling will increase the operating temperature of the motor and the amperage draw on the power supply. Extended use with this cycling will cause premature failure of the pump.

Pump is designed to run off of the battery of your ATV, lawn tractor, or other vehicle with a 12V system. If using a stand alone battery, use a deep cycle RV or marine battery.

The pump should be winterized before storage, by pumping a solution of RV antifreeze through it, and the entire plumbing system.

This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/food.