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Relief & Unloader Valves

Relief & Unloader Valves

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Suttner ST-230 Safety Relief Valve 2,200 PSI

SKU: 200230520

Suttner ST-230 Safety Relief Valve 2,200 PSI. Ideal in-line regulator for multi-gun pumping units on se!f-serve car wash systems. Perfect for pressure washer/steam combination applications and carpet cleaning industry

• Adjustable pressure
• Forged brass housing, stainless steel ball and valve seat
• Special seals for maximum heat and chemical resistance
• Valve member rides on elastomeric cushion, eliminating metal to metal contact, a common cause of regulator failure
• Quickly re-buildable with repair kit. Can be rebuilt without removing from the installation

• Pressure: 200 - 2,200 PSI
• Flow Rate: 8 GPM
• O-Ring: EPDM
• Max Temperature: 200° F
• Inlet: 1/4" FNPT
• Outlet: 1/4” FNPT
• Weight: 0.84 lbs


Price: $32.29

Suttner ST-261C Unloader Valve 1,000 PSI

SKU: 200261504

Suttner ST-261C unloader valve 1,000 PSI. Lower PSI setting is ideal for carpet cleaners

• Adjustable valve allows limit setting on both maximum pressure and minimum pressure
• Straight flow-through design minimizes pressure loss through valve
• Working components constructed of high-grade stainless steel. PTFE and Viton seals for maximum heat and chemical resistance
• Internal bypass valve can be easily accessed and repaired without removing unloader from unit

• Maximum Pressure: 1,000 PSI
• Minimum Pressure: 200 PSI
• Flow Rate: 8 GPM
• Max Temperature: 176° F
• Inlet Port: 3/8" FNPT
• Outlet Port: 3/8” FNPT
• Bypass Port: 1/4” FNPT
• Weight: 1.34 lbs

Price: $55.22