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Pump Saver, Anti-Freeze

Anti-Freeze, Pump
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16 oz Bottle AR Pump Saver, Anti-Freeze Solution

SKU: AR64511

AR North America Pump Saver is a product that protects and prolongs the life of the pump. This will keep the internal parts of the pump lubricated and protected from freezing while being stored in all climates. It also assists with protection from internal corrosion

• Works on any brand power washer
• Pressure Washer Safe Anti-Freeze Solution
• 16 oz. will treat any size pressure washer
• Attaches to garden hose inlet to fill pump chamber
• Excludes water so your pump won't freeze over the winter
• Provides longer pump life Prevents Harmful Deposits
• Cleans out hard water mineral deposits
• Preserves seals & pistons
• Should also be used during warm weather in hard water areas
• Weight: 16 oz

Price: $9.19