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Sewer Jetters and Cleaners, Drain Cleaning Accessories


Sewer jetters and cleaners are a great tool for drain cleaning. We offer a full line of sewer hose, nozzles and accessories. Sewer jetters are able to clean sewer lines from 1" to 20"+ in diameter and can also be used on tubes and pipes. We offer several models of sewer jetters with Honda gas engines and electric motors. Use your pressure washer with our sewer hose, sewer kits and accessories to design you own sewer cleaner.



We have included the following information as guidelines for selecting the appropriate sewer jetting equipment for your cleaning needs. Some of the variables to consider when choosing your equipment are: 

    1. Condition, length and number /type of bends in the pipe to be cleaned

    2. Sewer jetter hose inside diameter (ID) and length

    3. Nozzle type and size

    4. GPM and PSI of the sewer jetter to be used. 

The information provided is only to be used as a guideline for selecting the equipment to be used. Experienced sewer jetting customers are able to work outside of these guidelines and achieve positive results due to their knowledge and experience


What size sewer jetter hose should I use?

    1" - 3" diameter pipe lines use 1/8" jetter hose

   2" - 4" diameter pipe lines use 3/16" jetter hose

   2" - 4" diameter pipe lines use 1/4" jetter hose

   4" - 8" diameter pipe lines use 3/8" or 5/16" jetter hose

   4" +    diameter main lines use 1/2", 3/4" & 1" jetter hose

Sewer hose is lighter, more flexible and has an outer cover which allows it to slide thru pipes more easily. Schieffer sewer hose is equal to or better than any in the sewer cleaning and jetting industry. Sewer hose is available in 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" sizes and up to 800' long.

What is Recommended flow rates for sewer jetter hose?

    1/8" - Optimal Recommended Flow Rate: Up to 1.5 GPM

   3/16" - Optimal Recommended Flow Rate: Up to 2.0 GPM

   1/4" - Optimal Recommended Flow Rate: Up to 2.5 GPM

   5/16" - Optimal Recommended Flow Rate: Up to 3.5 GPM

   3/8" - Optimal Recommended Flow Rate: Up to 5.0 GPM

   1/2" - Optimal Recommended Flow Rate: Up to 8.0 GPM

The Optimal Recommended Flow Rate is determined by the inside diameter of the hose and will also be affected by the length of the hose. The longer the hose, the increased friction will cause a reduction in the amount of GPM which can pass thru the hose

What sewer jetter nozzle should I use?


    Laser nozzles: 1 orifice sprays forward and 3 orifices spray backwards. Excellent for forward cleaning, cuts through blockages, ice and other debris.

   Cornering nozzles: A single jet at 90 degrees to the two rear facing jets allows the hose to negotiate tight 90 degree bends or tees. This nozzle will get through bends that the other nozzles won't make

   Ram nozzles: Do not have a forward spraying orifice, but have 3 orifices angled backwards. The wide spray pattern of the RAM nozzle provides maximum thrust to propel the hose down the line while providing thorough pipe cleaning action as the hose is pulled back.

   Rotating nozzles:  Do not have a forward spraying orifice, but have 3 orifices angled backwards and to the side. Better for removing build up from the walls of the pipe or tube.

Sewer nozzles come in different nozzle sizes or #'s.  The # is based on the GPM and PSI of your jetter or pressure washer. Nozzle Size Calculator Using a large nozzle size than calculated will reduce the PSI 


Pipe Thread Size (NPT) does not refer to the outside (OD) physical dimension of a pipe or hose. The hose diameter cannot be used as an indication of the thread size on the hose connector fitting. To determine pipe thread size (NPT), measure outside diameter (male threads) or inside diameter (female threads) and then use table below to determine pipe thread size

Measure the outside diameter (O.D.) of the fitting's thread at the very end, round to the closest reference measurement below and note the corresponding NPT size.


Nominal Thread Size (NPT)
Actual O.D. Measurement



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