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Picture of 2600PSI, 2.2GPM Annovi Reverberi Back Mount Direct Drive Pump

2600PSI, 2.2GPM Annovi Reverberi Back Mount Direct Drive Pump


Brand: Annovi Reverberi - AR North America

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This Annovi Reverberi / AR North America SRMW2.2G26-EZ-SX, SRMW22G26-EZ-SX aluminum vertical plunger pump will pump up to 2.2 GPM at 2,600 PSI. It spins at 3400 RPM in a direct drive system coupled with a gasoline engine. The matching flange provides convenient connection to most 7/8” shaft 4 - 7 HP engines. The hollow shafted pump includes a built-in pressure control valve, and chemical injection system. Comes with Thermal Relief Valve and Easy Start Valve (EZ).

• The "S" version has upgraded grade valves
• 3-Piston alternating volumetric pumps for use on cleaning units
• Check the HOLE in the ARM location relative to the inlet/outlet Port (2nd Picture)
• This SX pump is Back Mounted - 180º rotated shaft configuration (3rd picture)
• Pump body in die-cast aluminum alloy
• Pistons driven by swash plate mechanism
• Two bearing systems, to support the pump shaft and pistons
• Pistons in hardened and tempered steel
• Pump head in aluminum
• Double gasket sealing system
• Intake valves fitted above the pistons for greater efficiency
• Integral regulating valve
• Integral detergent suction system

• Max. Volume: 2.2 GPM
• Max. Discharge Pressure: 2,600 PSI
• Max. Pump Speed: 3,400 RPM
• Shaft Diameter: 7/8” Hollow
• Maximum Horsepower Requirements (Industrial): 5.2 GHP
• Maximum Horsepower Requirements (Standard): 6.4 GHP
• Inlet Port: 3/4" GHA (garden hose)
• Outlet Port: 22mm-14 (Twist Connect)
• Weight: 6.0 lb.


This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/food.

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Nominal Thread Size (NPT)
Actual O.D. Measurement

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