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Picture of 4000PSI, 4.0GPM AR Direct Drive Pump with EZ Unloader & Thermal Valve

4000PSI, 4.0GPM AR Direct Drive Pump with EZ Unloader & Thermal Valve


Brand: Annovi Reverberi - AR North America

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Annovi Reverberi / AR North America RRV 4G40-VRT-PKG pump with VRT3 EZ start unloader, 1/2” bypass hose, thermal valve, 3/8” qc socket, 3/8” qc plug and garden hose inlet connector. RRV D Version with F24 flange series pumps are designed to direct drive on gasoline engines ranging from 8 -13 HP. Intended use for heavy tasks; this triplex plunger pump features the latest in design and technology. Life tested over 2,000 hours at maximum performance. The RRV is a result of our combined 60 years of pumps building experience and expertise

• Latest in design and technology
• New crankcase style
• High strength forged brass manifold for long term use
• NEW ceramic plungers, thicker wall to help prevent thermal shock
• Stainless steel valves
• Side mount valve seat o-rings
• High quality high pressure seals
• NEW low pressure seal with built in scraper
• Two piece piston guides
• NEW connecting rod with 12% more load surface
• Large side cover sight glass
• Oversized bearings
• Rear cover oil drain
• Forged, precision ground crankshaft

• Max. Volume: 4.0 GPM
• Max. Discharge Pressure: 4,000 PSI
• Max. Pump Speed: 3,400 RPM
• Shaft Diameter: 1” Hollow
• Max. Horsepower Requirements: 14.55 GHP
• Max. Fluid Temp.: 140° F.
• Oil capacity: 13.35 oz
• Unloader Inlet: 3/4" GH (garden hose)
• Unloader Outlet: 3/8" Female
• Weight: 21.10 lb.

Package Components:
• RRV4G40D-F24 pump
• VRT3-310 EZ Start adjustable pressure unloader
• 1/2” Black bypass hose
• Thermal relief valve
• Brass Line Strainer w/ Cone Filter, GH Inlet
• 3/8” QC brass socket
• 3/8” QC steel plug
• Weight: 21.10 lb


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