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Picture of ST-10 Nozzle Protector 1/4" F Grey & Black

ST-10 Nozzle Protector 1/4" F Grey & Black

SKU: 200010530

Brand: Suttner America


Product Description

Suttner ST-10 Nozzle Protector 1/4" F Grey & Black

• 2-Component nozzle protector ST-10
• The ST-10 is the ideal combination made out of hard and soft plastics
• The nozzle protector is suitable for cold and hot water applications in the car wash, agriculture and food industry
• The ST-10 is unimpeachable, protects your nozzles and preserves the surfaces to be cleaned at the same time

• Suitable for nozzles 1/4" M NPT
• Material: Plastic / Zinc-plated steel
• Color: Grey / black
• Max PSI: 5,800
• Max Temp: 300° F.
• Inlet:: 1/4" Female NPT
• Outlet: 1/4" Female NPT
Note: 1/4” MPT Nozzle not included
• Weight: 0.10 lbs

This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/food.

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Suttner ST-75 Foam Nozzle, 4000 PSI, #10.0, 1/4" F

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Suttner ST-75 Brass Foam Head 4,000 PSI with #10.0 Air Injector Nozzle and 1/4" F Inlet. The ST-75 produces thick foam for an easy and safe application and to save on chemical usage by reducing splash and drift of chemicals

• By means of the foam head ST-75 different foam applications are possible as the air injector nozzle is easily exchangeable and adaptable
• The flat spray nozzle can be infinitely adapted from the vertical position to the horizontal one
• The maximum flow is dependent on the chosen nozzle size
• By means of the integrated air injector in the foam head the air is sucked in on the face side
• Independent of the length of the lance a constant foam quality is guaranteed
• The spraying result is especially even as a high quality foam nozzle insert is used

ST-75 with ST-160 Chemical Injector on YouTube

• Air Injector Nozzle Size: 10.0
• Max Pressure: 4,000 PSI
• Flow Rate: 1 - 6 GPM
• Max Temp: 212° F.
• Inlet: 1/4" Female
Note: Suttner ST-160, ST-160M or St-164 Chemical or Foam injector required and is not included
• Weight: 0.31 lb


Please use Nozzle Chart to determine proper Spray Nozzle Size

Nozzle Chart


Use Spray Nozzle Size and Foam Nozzle Chart to determine correct Foam Nozzle to use

Foam Nozzle Chart


  Price: $55.01

Suttner O-Ring

SKU: 050001361
Suttner O-Ring
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#3.0 x 25º 1/4" MPT High Pressure Ceramic Spray Nozzle

SKU: NZC2503

Mecline 25° High Pressure Threaded Spray Nozzle with Ceramic Orifice and 1/4” Male NPT

• Ceramic inserts provide up to 10 times the wear life of stainless steel inserts
• Ceramic insert is resistant to wear
• The ceramic insert guarantees a more precise and stronger stream
• Stainless Steel AISI303 body

• Flat fan jet angle: 25°
• Nozzle Size: 3.0
• Rated Pressure: 4,500 PSI
• Permissible Pressure: 5,075 PSI
• Rated Temperature: 300° F
• Inlet: 1/4” Male NPT
• Weight: 0.63 oz

Please use Nozzle Chart to determine proper nozzle size

Nozzle Chart


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GP 25º x #6.5 M-Style Spray Nozzle 1/4" NPT-M

SKU: 925065M

General Pump 25° x #6.5 M-Style Spray Nozzle 1/4” NPT-M

• 5,000 PSI operating pressure
Made in the USA
• General Pump High Pressure Spray Tips feature a two piece design
• Inserts are through hardened and pressed into a 303 stainless steel rust-resistant body for improved durability
• The contour control nozzle chamber eliminates the need for flow straighteners
• Resistant to most chemical
• Laser marked for clarity and durability

• Tip Angle: 25°
• Nozzle Size: 6.5
• Operating Pressure: 5,000 PSI
• Connection: 1/4” NPT-M
• Weight: 0.05 oz

Please use Nozzle Chart to determine proper nozzle size

Nozzle Chart

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