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AR Repair Kits

AR Repair Kits
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Kit: Support Ring 18mm XM

SKU: AR2745
Price: $3.69

Kit: Support Ring RSV & RRV

SKU: AR2191
Price: $3.72

AR 2812 Minimatic 4/B Repair Kit

SKU: AR2812
Price: $4.15

Chemical Injector Kit

SKU: AR42125
Chemical Injector Kit
Price: $4.78

Kit: Repair Minimatic

SKU: AR1834
Price: $5.17

Kit: O-Ring, RM (2.5 GPM)

SKU: AR42107
Kit: O-Ring, RM (2.5 GPM)
Price: $5.37

Kit: Oil Seal XJV-E

SKU: AR2511
Price: $6.00

Kit: Packing 22mm XR, RK

SKU: AR1816
Price: $6.19

Kit: O-Ring HPV

SKU: AR2767
Price: $7.11

Kit: Outlet Valve XJ-E

SKU: AR2598
Price: $7.12

Kit: O-Ring RR

SKU: AR42550
Kit: O-Ring RR
Price: $7.30

Kit: Oil Seal XJW-E

SKU: AR2592
Price: $7.59

Kit: O-Ring RSV

SKU: AR2190
Price: $7.74

Kit: Inlet Valve XJ-E

SKU: AR2597
Price: $7.82

Kit: O-Ring XJ-E

SKU: AR2583
Price: $7.85

AR 2740 Support Ring Kit 15mm XMV

SKU: AR2740
Price: $8.32

Kit: Repair Minimatic 3/B

SKU: AR2609
Price: $8.37

Kit: Repair Zeromatic 82

SKU: AR1830
Price: $8.37

Kit: Water Seal RM

SKU: AR42122

Water Seal Kit for RMW Model Pumps AR42122
• Seal repair kit for RMW series of pumps from Annovi Reverberi
• Contains 3 seals, 1 for each plunger in the pump
• For models RMW2G20, RMW2.2G24, RMW2G23B, RMW2G24, RMW2G25, and RMW2.2G20D only

Price: $8.75