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Solid Shaft Pump 2,300-2,999

Solid Shaft Pump 2,300 - 2,999
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2500PSI, 2.9GPM Annovi Reverberi Solid Shaft Pump, 185º Hot Water

SKU: XHW11.17N

Annovi Reverberi 185º Hot Water Triplex Plunger Pump. Designed for a wide variety of high pressure washing applications. These pumps are designed for gearbox , belt drive, or coupling drive systems driven by electric motor or gasoline driven systems, gasoline engine driven systems

Manifold: Nickel plated forged brass.
Plungers: Special thick solid ceramic for long life, strong durability and more resilience.
Bearings: Oversized for maximum life and load disbursement, needle bearing on the drive side and ball on the non-drive side.
Crankcase: Precision die-cast, large cooling fins and anodized for maximum heat dissipation.
Valve, Seat and Springs: Stainless steel with specially designed ultra form material.
Seals and V-Packing: 185º Viton high temperature machined.
Plunger Rods: High strength stainless steel construction.
Connecting Rods: One-piece bronze special alloy aluminum based, oversized for maximum strength, load disbursement, and life. Heavy pin area construction, for added load strength.

• Max. Volume: 2.9 GPM
• Max. Discharge Pressure: 2,500 PSI
• Max. Pump Speed: 1,450 RPM
• Shaft Diameter: 24mm Solid
• Maximum Horsepower Requirements: 5.0 BHP
• Max. Fluid Temp.: 185º F.
• Inlet Ports (2): 1/2" FPT
• Discharge Ports (2): 3/8" FPT
• Drive Side: Standard right
• Weight: 14.0 lb.

Price: $697.50

2500PSI,11.0GPM Comet Solid Shaft Pump

SKU: TW11025S

• Comet Premium TW 11025 S Series Triplex Plunger Pump
• Solid Shaft 24mm for Belt Drive, Gearbox or Flex Couplers
• Crankcase: Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy for Protection Against Corrosion
• Piston Guides are Heat Treated Stainless Steel
• Highly Efficient Stainless Steel Check Valves
• Solid Ceramic Plungers
• Brass Manifold: Forged for Maximum Strength and Longer Life up to 5000 PSI
• One Piece, Solid Bronze Alloy Connection Rods
• High Quality Tapered Roller Bearings
• Large 37 oz Oil Capacity Dissipates Heat and Improves Lubrication for Longer Life
• Oil Cap: New Travel/Working Oil Cap
• Max. Volume: 11.0 GPM
• Max. Discharge Pressure: 2,500 PSI
• Max. Pump Speed: 1450 RPM
• Shaft Diameter: 24mm Solid
• Max. Fluid Temp.: 145º F.
• Inlet Ports (2): 1/2" FPT
• Discharge Ports (2): 3/8" FPT
• Drive Side: Right hand standard
• Weight: 45.0 lb.

Price: $867.30

2500PSI, 5.0GPM CAT Solid Shaft Pump

SKU: 530

• 7 Frame Plunger Pump
• Solid Shaft for Belt
• Max. Volume: 5.0 GPM
• Max. Discharge Pressure: 2,500 PSI
• Max. Pump Speed: 1100 RPM
• Shaft Diameter: .945” (24.0mm) Solid
• Horsepower Requirements: 8.6 BHP
• Max. Fluid Temp.: 160 degrees F.
• Inlet Ports (2): 1/2" NPT
• Discharge Ports (2): 3/8" NPT
• Drive Side(s): Both sides
• Brass manifold
• Solid ceramic plungers
• Weight: 25.5 lb

Price: $1,338.88

2900PSI, 13.2GPM Annovi Reverberi Solid Shaft Pump, Nickel Plated


Annovi Reverberi / AR North America RTX50 Triplex Plunger Pump. The RTX50 delivers up to 13.2 GPM and 2,900 PSI. Spinning at 1,450 RPM, this 30mm sold shafted pump features a nickel plated brass head. Inlet thread is 1” F and discharge thread is 1/2”F.

• High-strength, non-porous pressed nickel-plated brass head for guaranteed safety and durability
• One-piece extra thick ceramic pistons for exceptional strength
• Stainless steel ball-type intake and delivery valves with high fluido-dynamic efficiency
• Dual sealing system with anti-extrusion ring support and lubrication with low pressure recirculation chambers
• Pump casing in high-strength aluminum alloy with oversized mounts
• Camshaft in forged, treated steel
• Oversized two-piece connecting-rods in low-friction aluminum alloy
• “Premium” quality tapered roller bearings for long lifetime
• Splash lubrication

• Max. Volume: 13.2 GPM
• Max. Discharge Pressure: 2,900 PSI
• Max. Pump Speed: 1,450 RPM
• Shaft Diameter: 30mm Solid
• Max. Horsepower Requirements: 26.3 EBHP
• Max. Fluid Temp.: 140° F.
• Inlet Tread: 1" Female
• Outlet Thread: 1/2" Female
• Oil capacity: 76 oz
• Weight: 72.0 lb.

Price: $1,512.00